Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Mud Mask, 0.33 fl oz


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  • YES TO GOING GAGA FOR THIS GRAPEFRUIT VITAMIN C GLOW-BOOSTING MUD MASK that helps visibly BRIGHTEN DULL, UNEVEN SKIN. The single use Yes To Grapefruit brightening Mud Mask, with pink kaolin clay, enhances skin glow while minimizing pores and shine. Sit back and enjoy a spa experience every time you use it. The Yes To Grapefruit Glow Boosting Vitamin C Mud Mask helps give your complexion the BRIGHTNESS AND GLOW it deserves.
  • SOME MUD MASKS SMELL LIKE CHEMICALS and leave behind a RESIDUE OR MAKE YOUR SKIN APPEAR DULL. Our Grapefruit mud mask is made with powerful antioxidants like grapefruit extract, aloe, apricot oil, lemon extracts and shea butter that will have your skin feeling and looking soft and smooth, with an incredible even glow. Our mask is formulated without parabens, SLS and silicones, so your skin will feel HAPPY AND LOOK AMAZING!
  • EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE – LEAVES YOUR SKIN GLOWING! Visibly helps reduce the appearance of pores, brightens skin, helps reduce shine &makes your skin feel soft and luxurious. Feel the difference as our Grapefruit Mud Mask PURIFIES & DEEP CLEANS YOUR SKIN and leaves you with a buzz-worthy, selfie-worthy complexion! Pair this mud mask with our Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Pore Scrub and Glow-Enhancing Vitamin C Bubbling Paper Mask as part of your daily BRIGHTENING SKINCARE ROUTINE, DAY AND NIGHT!
  • WE SAY NO TO TOXIC INGREDIENTS & ANIMAL TESTING! We believe what you put on your face and body is just as important as what you put in it. Our products are made with at least 95% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, and we source RECYCLABLE MATERIALS as often as we can to help keep Mama Earth happy. Our FRAGRANCES ARE CERTIFIED by the International Fragrance Association. And as members of the Leaping Bunny Program, Yes To’s test subjects are our very willing employees, friends & family – NEVER ANIMALS.
  • WE SAY YES TO INNOVATIVE, NATURAL, FUN & EFFICACIOUS BEAUTY SOLUTIONS FROM HEAD TO TOE. Our mantra is Yes To Happiness – and we put our money where our mouth is by helping CREATE COMMUNITIES OF HAPPY, HEALTHY PEOPLE who steer clear of nasties (like fear, self-doubt, unhealthy habits) and develop goodies (like confidence, courage, creativity, curiosity, acceptance). By working with like-minded organizations, we aim to CHANGE THE WAY WE FIND & RADIATE TRUE HAPPINESS! What do you say Yes To?